Thrive Alliance

1531 13th St, Suite G900, Columbus 47201, Indiana

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Supporting People. Enhancing Lives. Building Communities.

Whether we provide them ourselves, contract with for-profit providers, or partner with other agencies, we are committed to making sure that our clients have access to the highest quality, most comprehensive and affordable services in each community we serve.  Our four broad areas of services are:
~ Addressing Basic Needs (information and referral, food/nutrition, affordable housing)
~ Optimizing Physical and Mental Health and Well Being (health service information and referral, medication assistance, healthy behaviors, physical fitness)
~ Promoting Social and Civic Engagement (escaping isolation, volunteer opportunities)
~ Maximizing Independence, especially for the frail and disabled (home accessibility modifications, encouraging and supporting caregivers)

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1531 13th St, Suite G900, Columbus 47201, Indiana

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Mark Lindenlaub, Executive Director (+)

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