• Hoosier Barn and Table - March 18, 2017

    Hoosier Barn and Table - March 18, 2017

    Ribbon cutting is a family affair at Hoosier Barn and Table (March 18, 2017)
  • Our Sandwich Place - March 16, 2017

    Our Sandwich Place - March 16, 2017

    New owners of Our Sandwich Place cut the ribbon on March 16, 2017
  • Salt Creek Winery - August 11, 2016

    Salt Creek Winery - August 11, 2016

    Salt Creek Winery — August 11, 2016

Congratulations! Whether you are opening a new business, celebrating a milestone or anniversary, completed renovations or expanded, we are excited to help you promote your business. Ribbon Cutting Ceremonies are of great importance to our community — a way to introduce your business to the public and a great photo opportunity. The Brown County Chamber of Commerce appreciates your contributions to our community and looks forward to helping you launch your next chapter of business accomplishments.

How will a Chamber of Commerce Ribbon Cutting Ceremony benefit me?

The Brown County Chamber of Commerce wants to see you grow and become more successful. You and your business will:

  • Be introduced to the community and fellow Chamber members
  • Receive free marketing and the chance to begin building a customer base
  • Generate leads and sales from those in attendance
  • Have the opportunity to publicly thank any financial institutions, partners, employees, friends and family
  • Brag a little about your company and market what you do

What does the Chamber of Commerce provide for your ribbon cutting?

The Chamber is happy to:

  • Invite the Chamber board of directors and membership
  • Announce your ribbon cutting on the Chamber’s website, Facebook page, and e-mail blasts
  • Supply the official ribbon-cutting scissors and ribbon
  • Formally introduce you and your business to those in attendance with a speech by a Chamber board member
  • Photograph the event

What do I need to do for my ribbon cutting?

While the Brown County Chamber of Commerce is proud to provide the majority of the services, absolutely free, to its members, we recommend that you carefully consider the following:

  • Date and Time — We recommend holding your ribbon cutting in the middle of the week around 5:30 pm. This offers your fellow business owners the chance to join in the celebration.
  • Who will cut the ribbon? — 
Generally owners, partners, and executives do the honors, but you may have someone special that has been involved in your success that you want by your side.
  • Speeches and remarks — 
Do you want speeches made? Are you the speaker? How many people will be speaking?
  • Other ways to enhance your event — Many businesses add special touches such as: refreshments, drinks, door prizes, decorations, and music. Free samples, coupons or one-day specials are also a thoughtful way to say “thank you for attending.” These are all optional and up to you to provide.

It is important to note that the Chamber cannot be the sole planner of your event. We will invite our members, local officials and the media, but other attendees that are special to your circumstances, such as financial and lending institution officials, are your responsibility.

We want your Ribbon Cutting to be special and one that the community will remember. As a member of the Brown County Chamber of Commerce, we are happy to assist with your special event and proud to be part of your success.

If your business has something to celebrate and would like to schedule a ribbon cutting — download our Ribbon Cutting Application